Trends and topics

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IP codes

Moisture, vapors, acids, alkalines, oil, or even bacteria: The IP codes indicate how reliably the respective system is protected from external influences such as these.

Electrical protection classes
Clean compressed air

Compressed air must be extremely clean to keep your application at top performance for the long term. AVENTICS offers you series compressed air preparation to cover the entire range of applications.

Compressed air preparation
Efficient compressed air applications

Rising energy prices, increasing demands: In the area of compressed air applications, AVENTICS offers solutions that solve both tasks at the same time.

Energy efficiency
Hygienic design

In designing hygienic devices, we help to ensure that, for example, produced foods are not contaminated.

Food safety
Adjustable cushioning

Productivity with the right adjustment: With AVENTICS pneumatic cylinder cushioning and the right adjustment, you can save costs and increase your productivity. Learn more about AVENTICS "Ideal Cushioning".

Adjustable cushioning
Accident prevention for machines

Every accident that is caused by working with a machine is one to many. With safe products and solutions AVENTICS is contributing to more machine safety in pneumatic control technology.

Machine safety
Internet of Things

Smart Pneumatics - Opportunities for industry through intelligent pneumatics

Internet of Things

Trends and topics

In the world of pneumatics, there are many ways to create solutions: Which aspects are important for your particular application must be decided on a case-by-case basis. We recommend an assessment by our specialists, who deal with these questions every day. Our expertise and years of experience in numerous industries from small handling up to complete automation systems pays off directly for our customers because we ensure an optimum combination of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Information on our industry expertise, for example of electrical protection classes, the ATEX directive, optimal compressed air preparation, cushioning, and many other topics, can be found on this website. We are also happy to advise you directly: We can provide you with specific information for any industry.

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