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Cylinders & Actuators

DescriptionTitleFile size
Compact Cylinders - Series CCISeries CCI Compact Cyl1.9MB
Compact Cylinders - Series KHZSeries KHZ Compact Cylinder2.0MB
Compact Cylinders - Series KPZOn-line Only3.3MB
Compact Cylinders - Series SSI catalogOn-line Only3.4MB
Guided Cylinders - Series GPCOn-line Only3.4MB
NFPA Cylinders Air & Hydraulic (includes TaskMaster®, PowerMaster® and PressureMaster®)SC-200 7.9MB
NFPA Cylinders brochure and 3 Day Shipping ProgramF-NFPA687KB
Rodless Cylinders - Series GSUOn-line Only1.0MB
Rodless Cylinders - Series RTCSC-200.15 RTC2.8MB
Rodless Cylinders - Series RTC brochureR000000005958KB
Rolling Diaphragm Cylinders, Series RDCOn-line Only1.0MB
Sensor Technologies - Velocity, Timer, MeterSensor Technologies-VTM500KB
Series CSL-RD Stainless ISO 6432 Mini Cylinders catalogOn-line Only1.7MB
Series CSL-RD Stainless ISO 6432 Mini Cylinders brochure R499051155977KB
Series ICM Metric Mini CylindersOn-line Only1.5MB
Series M Mini Cylinders - Inch PortedSC-200.55 Series M2.1MB
Series MNI ISO 6432 Mini CylindersOn-line Only2.4MB
Series PRA, TRB ISO 15552 Pneumatic CylindersSC-200.75 Series PRA TRB6.0MB
Series PRA, TRB ISO 15552 Pneumatic Cylinder flyerF-ISO CYL245KB
Series RPC Metric CylindersOn-line Only2.1MB
Slides - Series MSC brochureR4990511100.7MB
Slides - Series MSC catalogOn-line Only
Slides - Series MSNOn-line Only1.1MB
Pneumatic Actuators & Positioners - Mobile Type Air CylindersSC-900-1000 Actuators-Positioners3.5MB

Automation / Material Handling

DescriptionTitleFile size
Easy-2-Combine Connection KitsOn-line only1.3MB
Non-Contact Transfer - Series NCTOn-line only1.0MB
Rotary Modules - Series RCMOn-line only2.5MB
Vacuum AccessoriesOn-line only0.9MB
Vacuum Generators - Series EBPOn-line only05.MB
Vacuum Generators - Series EBSOn-line only3.6MB
Vacuum Generators - Series ECSOn-line only1.8MB
Vacuum Generators - Series EMPOn-line only0.5MB
Vacuum Suction Cups - Series BSAOn-line only0.6MB
Vacuum Suction Cups - Series BSGOn-line only0.6MB
Vacuum Suction Cups - Series FSGOn-line only0.7MB
Vacuum Suction Cups - Series FSROn-line only0.4MB

Pneumatic Valves / Fieldbus

DescriptionTitleFile size
AVENTICS AV-Valves (20 pg brochure)4990510291.6MB
Advanced Valves: AV03 and AV05. Modular, compact and simpleF-AV Advanced Valves304KB
ES05 - Essential Valve SystemR500000022.0MB
Ceram Pneumatic Directional Control Valves Overview FlyerF-CM798KB
Ceram Pneumatic Directional Control ValvesCERAM Valves2.9MB
Pneumatic Directional Valves - Complete Catalog.
Includes: CERAM, DO10/DO15, 830, 840, 740, AP, Rotair, CD04, CD07, TaskMaster Valves and PowerMaster Valves.
SC-300 Pneumatic Dir Ctrl Valves12MB
Pneumatic Directional Control Valves Overview brochureR4990511164.7MB
Series 579 & 589 Pneumatic Directional Control ValvesSC-300.55 579-589 Valves20152.1MB
Series 581 Pneumatic ValvesSC-300.5812.8MB
Series CL03 Clean Line Pneumatic ValveF-CL03 Series CL03 Clean Line773KB
Series TC08 and TC15 Directional Control ValvesOnline Valve Systems catalogNA
Series TC08 and TC15 Directional Control ValvesF-TC
A Pilotair, D Pilotair, Flexair Valve, Type H Controlair, Type M Plus and P Rotair Valves (March 2015)SC-700-800 (Special Purpose Directional and Pressure Control Air Valves)6.3MB


DescriptionTitleFile size
Fittings (Series QR1), Tubing & Silencers (Aug 2014)SC-400.10 QR1 Fittings3.3MB
Accessory Valves & Devices - Fittings & TubingSC-400 Accessory Valves Devices3.5MB
Cylinder Proximity Sensors - Series ST4On-line only1.3MB
Cylinder Proximity Sensors - Series ST6On-line only1.3MB
Cylinder Sensor Mounting BracketsOn-line only0.9MB
Flow Sensor - Series AF1On-line only1.1MB
Position Transducer - Series SM6On-line only0.9MB
Position Transducer - Series SM6-ALOn-line only0.6MB
Pressure Sensor - Series PE5 CatalogOn-line only1.3MB
Pressure Sensor - Series PE5 FlyerOn-line only0.7MB

Air Preparation

DescriptionTitleFile size
FRLs - Combi (3-in-1 FRL)F-Combi (3-in-1 FRL)677KB
FRLs - MH1 Stainless Air PrepF-MH1 Stainless Air Prep39KB
FRLs - Series AS2, AS3 and AS5SC-500.15 Series AS Air Prep4.6MB
Pneumatic Lockout ValvesSC-500.60383KB
Pneumatic Lockout Valves - Heavy Duty (Flyer)F-LO D C Version2014238KB

Electro-Pneumatic Devices

DescriptionTitleFile size
Electro-Pneumatic Devices - Valves & PositionersSC-600 Electro-Pneumatic Devices1.9MB
Electro Pneumatic Positioning System - EPPSF-EPPS285KB
AVENTICS EP Pressure Control Valves 4-2016R4990511081.3MB
Electro Pneumatic Positioning System - AES/EPPSF-PS455KB


DescriptionTitleFile size
Air Clutch Panel Interface (2 pg flyer) (Dec 2014)F-AC470KB
Marex OSIII Electronic Marine ControlsR4170023658.4MB
Marine Products - Electronic and Pneumatic MarineR4170024471.6MB
Marex VCS BrochureR500000007411KB
Marine Products - Pneumatics for Propulsion ControlSC-12006.9MB

Other (including Overviews, Industry Related and Quick Ship Program)

DescriptionTitleFile size
AVENTICS Industrial Product Overview (1pg flyer) (Apr 2014)F-IP AVENTICS358KB
AVENTICS Product Overview (Revised March 2015)SC-OV Product Overview3.2MB
Custom ProductsR4990511121.6MB
Engineering ToolsR4990511942.3MB
Hygienic Design in PneumaticsR4990511302.5MB
IoT - Smart PneumaticsR500000017799KB
Pneumatics for Life Science ApplicationsF-LS Life Science1.2MB
Pneumatic Solutions for Commercial VehiclesR4990510822.6MB
Quick Ship Focused Delivery Program for Pneumatics (52 page catalog)SC-QS Quick Ship4.0MB
Quick Ship Focused Delivery Program for Pneumatics (4 page brochure)F-QS Quick Ship Program314KB