Pneumatics - Standard Components

„Providing a sophisticated and extensive standard product line in both NPT and ISO G (BSPP) port configurations, our products include pneumatic valves and actuators, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic fieldbus compatible valve manifolds, electro-pneumatic valves and positioners, FRLs, tubing and fittings, vacuum components and industrial shock absorbers.“
Air Line Devices / FRL's

Filters, regulators and lubricators with NPT or G(ISO) BSPP ports, as well as lockout valves, slow start valves and anti-freezer units.

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Directional Control Valves - Special Purpose

AVENTICS pneumatic valves for oilfield and mobile applications have been the industry leader for decades due to their rugged, proven reliability and precise control.

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Mobile Air Cylinders

Construction grade (cast iron) and multi-position air cylinders normally used for mobile/contruction and oilfield applications, mounting bracket kits for mating to SUNSTRAND pumps.

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Pneumatic Accessories

Accessory air valves and devices such as flow control valves and quick exhaust valves, plus part present sensing, air gauges, timing volumes, shock absorbers, fittings and air line tubing.

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Mobile & Oilfield Type

Actuators and positioners normally used for mobile, oilfield and marine applications.

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Pneumatic Automation Products

This family of pneumatic components simplifies the integration of rodless cylinders, mini-slides, rotary modules and grippers into complex handling systems through the use of common mounting interfaces.

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Electro-Pneumatic Devices

AVENTICS electro-pneumatic (E/P) pressure control valves offer industry leading performance. The converter valves provide graduated pneumatic pressure outputs directly proportional to analog electrical signal inputs (voltage or current).

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Pressure Control Valves

Graduated pneumatic pressure delivery, most often used for mobile, oilfield and marine application.

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Air & Hydraulic Cylinder

NFPA steel air and hydraulic cylinders, rodless shuttle cylinders, round mini cylinders, aluminum cylinders, stainless steel cylinders and compact cylinders.

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Pneumatic Directional Control Valves - Industrial

Pneumatic directional control valves, choose from in-line valves, manual / mechanical valves, plug-in valve manifold systems or traditional valve manifold systems.

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Fieldbus connections

Various fieldbus or serial link communication structures can be used with a wide range of protocols, from Conventional to Ethernet based, to drive pneumatic and/or hydraulic valves up to IP69K protection rating, Electro-pneumatic regulators, or other I/O devices up to 2 amps.

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Rail Hopper Car Valves & Cylinders

Double acting pneumatic cylinders and directional control valves for control of bottom dump rail car hopper gates. Other accessory devices are also supplied including check valves, quick exhaust valves, filters and regulators.

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Pneumatics product highlights from AVENTICS

For decades, pneumatically operated cylinders, valves, valve systems, and accessories have formed the basis for AVENTICS’ success. New developments are just one of our strong suits – our product portfolio keeps on growing.

Our range of systems:

  • Cylinder valve units with a variety of special functions and mounting elements for decentralized use.
  • Modified valve systems configured with all necessary accessories, add-on components, and functional units, preassembled andready-to-install.
  • Modified maintenance units including flow optimization and compressed air monitoring for long-term energy efficiency.
  • Control panels as integrated, complete pneumatic control modules for your application, exactly adapted to spatial requirements of your machine and working environment.
  • Preassembled control cabinets with all essential control components for your application and ample protection against external influences.
  • Pneumatic handling systems for gripping, moving and positioning, designed and created precisely for your application.

Modification of standard components

Modifications to products from our standard program, such as special materials, modified threads, or special seals, can be implemented quickly and easily to achieve tailor-made solutions for your application.

Integration of electronics and pneumatics

From modifying the range of a pressure regulator to developing a new controller, highly-integrated electronics introduce exciting new possibilities for pneumatics. This includes fascinating options such as additional special functions for valve units, pressure separation, the installation of electropneumatic pressure regulators with external sensor cleaning, boosters, or integrated switching valves.

ENGINEERING TOOLS Planning and Configuration