Lexington, 07.06.2017 |

AVENTICS ED02 E/P valves in Hydraulics & Pneumatics

An article in Hydraulics & Pneumatics magazine titled “Compact Valves Go Big on Performance” discusses the AVENTICS ED02 electro-pneumatic pressure control valve, showing how a compact valve (30 mm wide) can deliver a high performance over a wide range of simple and complex applications.

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Lexington, 07.06.2017 |

Aventics announces acquisition of Vector Horizon Technology

Lexington, Kentucky, May 3, 2017 – Recently Aventics, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pneumatic components and systems, announced the acquisition of Vector Horizon Technology LLC (VHtek), based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA. By this acquisition, the pneumatics specialists will further strengthen their position in the global commercial vehicles business.

Vector Horizon Technology, LLC develops clean energy systems with a focus on emission control systems and advanced mechatronic devices.

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Lexington, 01.05.2017 |

A Mag #6: Latest customer magazine now available

The sixth edition of A Mag is now available. The new 40 page customer magazine features several case studies, interviews, articles about new products, and many more stories from the AVENTICS world.

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Lexington, 28.04.2017 |

Keys to Designing Safe Pneumatic Circuits

Hydraulics & Pneumatics April 2017 “Keys to Designing Safe Pneumatic Circuits” by Erl Campbell, AVENTICS Key Account Manager, discusses how designing safe pneumatic circuits requires using proven and evaluated techniques and well-established components that have been properly sized for the application.

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Lexington, 10.03.2017 |

Non-Contact Transport Delicately Handles Chocolate-Coated Cookies, article in Fluid Power Journal

Fluid Power Journal has published an article titled “Non-Contact Transport Delicately Handles Chocolate-Coated Cookies”, where machinery builder Brähmig uses the polymer version of the AVENTICS NCT device (NCT-PK) to efficiently transport cookies with uneven surfaces, something traditional vacuum cups could not do.

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Lexington, 15.02.2017 |

Measuring marine tank fluid levels with pneumatics, article in DesignFax

DesignFax published an article titled “Measuring marine tank fluids with pneumatics”, where Steve Vincent of AVENTICS discusses the advantage of using our pneumatics bubble-type sounding system for measuring the levels of various marine fluid tanks.

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Lexington, 15.02.2017 |

New brochure available for Series TC valves

A new brochure (F-TC) is available online covering the TC08 and TC15 pneumatic directional control valves. TC valves are available as inline or for manifolds.


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Lexington, 15.02.2017 |

Energy Efficiency discussion in Control Design

“Why bother with energy efficiency”, an article in Control Design magazine includes commentary from Erl Campbell of AVENTICS discussing energy efficiency.

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