We set trends in pneumatics and are the experts for special applications.

The roots of our company history go back to the very beginning of the pneumatics industry – and our customers success continues to be our top goal: Expertise for you.


The Company


AVENTICS is a globally active manufacturer of pneumatic components and systems. The company is also a specialist supplier of drive and control solutions for the marine industry and commercial vehicles, as well as inverted tooth chains for production processes. Since the start of 2014, the former subsidiary of Bosch Rexroth has been operating as a standalone company under the name of AVENTICS. The company employs approximately 2,100 staff worldwide.

AVENTICS continues making history

AVENTICS offers its customers tailored, cross industry system solutions and services based on decades of applied expertise. AVENTICS is one of the leading suppliers worldwide in the area of industrial pneumatics. The company is a leading technology specialist for pneumatics, for example in the integration of electronics into pneumatic components. With pneumatics solutions for maritime applications and state-of-the-art ship automation systems, AVENTICS has successfully navigated the world’s oceans.The company’s drive and inverted tooth conveyor chains are used in numerous sectors and feature strongly in the glass and automobile industries.


AVENTICS in portrait: Our company film


What defines AVENTICS, what we stand for, where and how we work worldwide: Our company film will give you a first impression.


Executive board

„Our ambition is to become known as the smart pneumatic engineering company that is easy to do business with.“
„As the leading technology specialist, we convince with our professional expertise, such as the use of high-performance plastics and electronics integration. Our competitive edge, beside our know-how: our field is our passion.“

Our brand


Our brand mission forms the basis for cooperative partnerships with our customers. The brand core EXPERTISE FOR YOU gets to the heart of AVENTICS. The combination of our expert knowledge and focus on customer requests results in our promise to our customers: Pneumatics – It’s that easy. This promise guarantees excellent service, innovative products, and tailored, uncomplicated solutions at the press of a button.

It’s that easy with AVENTICS

Our mission

We solve customer challenges with our knowledge and enthusiasm.

Our vision

We set trends in pneumatics and are the experts for special applications.

Our brand values

The brand values “passion”, “agile”, and “focused” reinforce our brand essence and express our mindset – towards our work, customers, partners, and employees.

Our brand mission

Passion – we maintain long-term customer relationships


We maintain long term customer relationships.

Our technologies are our heart and soul.

Focused – the leading technology specialist in many areas with extensive expertise and premium quality


We are the pneumatics experts and focus on our core competencies.

With the expertise of our employees, we are the leading technology specialist in many areas, including for electronics integration, pressure regulation, and the use of state-of-the-art materials.

 Agile – we respond quickly to customer requests


We respond quickly to customer queries.

With our products and by living up to our promises, we create measureable added value for our customers.


Our owner


Triton Funds specialize in investments in medium sized companies in northern Europe with locations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the four Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. In this region, Triton focuses on three core areas: industry, services and consumer goods/health care.

Since its foundation in 1997, Triton’s main principle has been to sustainably strengthen the market position of its portfolio companies as an active shareholder. Triton aims to increase the operational performance and promote the growth of its portfolio companies. Currently, Triton counts 26 companies with total sales of about 12 billion euros and more than 60,000 employees in its portfolio.

Triton Funds are advised by experienced investment professionals located in Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, Luxembourg, and Jersey.

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You can find more information on the Internet.


Company history


Tradition for continued success: The history of AVENTICS

The history of AVENTICS goes back to the invention of the pneumatic brake – and is being continued today with Industry 4.0.

“You can be sure if it’s a Westinghouse” was the confident slogan adopted by the Westinghouse Air Brake Company (WABCO) in the 19th century. Since then, industrial pneumatics has taken enormous strides. However, the pneumatic principle of putting compressed air to work for mechanical tasks is still making history. The range of tasks for pneumatics has grown consistently and requires new solutions: With the interaction of the latest technologies and the integration of state-of-the-art materials, with each new invention and each patent, the company’s portfolio has expanded – strengthening our clientele throughout the decades. 2014 marks the beginning of a new era: AVENTICS said farewell to large corporate structures to pursue a future as a stand-alone, flexible company on the market.

Historic milestones

Our locations

AVENTICS has various production sites in Germany, France, Hungary, the USA and China

AVENTICS has various production sites in Germany, France, Hungary, the USA and China. In addition to its production sites, AVENTICS has an extensive sales network and is represented in more than 40 countries around the world.

All locations



Shaping the future with the power of innovation

Industrial Automation

Shaping the future with the power of innovation. Industrial automation solutions for gripping, rotating, drive, and control applications: AVENTICS is characterized by reliable components, compact designs, and low-maintenance technology that result in short process times, high energy efficiency, and maximum economy. With “air management”, we have successfully established a process for this on the market.

To Industrial Automation

Food & Beverage

We offer industry concepts for all applications – food processing and primary packaging (food zone), secondary packaging (splash zone), final packaging (non-food zone) – that comply with even the strictest laws, regulations, and standards.

To Food & Beverage

Metals, Mining & Minerals

AVENTICS has decades of experience in applications for metals, mining and minerals. This is especially seen in our leading position for pneumatics controls in oil and gas drilling and service rigs. In addition, we stand out in our solutions in areas such as aluminum smelting, where we have specific crust-breaking solutions and more. From our controls on mining equipment, to long-lasting valves and cylinders in steel mills and foundries, AVENTICS is the partner you need for more efficient operations.

To Metals, Mining & Minerals

Life Sciences

For the global health care industry, we offer solutions for low-pressure applications with a high degree of electrical and functional integration. Our dedicated engineering team has unique application expertise in this field.

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AVENTICS products are designed to meet all national and international Automotive Industry standards. AVENTICS products popular in automotive plants include our modular pneumatic directional control valve manifolds with fieldbus, ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinders and electro-pneumatic pressure controls valves. Whether the application is in welding, high production assembly, metal cutting, or automated paint spray, AVENTICS has the solution to improve productivity.

To Automotive


We pioneered the concept of pneumatic marine propulsion controls in the early 1940's to provide faster, more responsive and more accurate control of the direct reversing diesel engines that were so predominant at that time. Today, our electronic and pneumatic marine propulsion control systems are used for bridge, engine room, remote station control, interlocking and station transfer, throttle for primary propulsion engines, reverse gears, controllable pitch propellers, bow thrusters, plus controls for loading cranes, winches, doors, etc.

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AVENTICS has decades of experience in transportation industries involving pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and electronic controls. Electro-pneumatic valves are used to control engine turbine vanes on diesel engines to allow truck manufacturers to meet EPA emission requirements. Other applications include transmission shifters, bus door controls, bottom dump rail hopper car controls and other rail applications.

To Transportation

Wood, Paper & Printing

From logs to paper, AVENTICS is your partner to improve productivity. AVENTICS pneumatic products in the wood industry are involved in handling, chipping, grinding and optimizing. In paper machines our products are involved in reeling, winding and packaging operations. We are in laminating, die cutting, coating, folding, embossing and other related converting operations. In printing we are involved from pre-press to post press.

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